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Working in the tradition of American landscape, I find inspiration in the pinewoods of rural Alabama. I walk daily, mostly the same few trails. Forests change with weather and season-there is always plenty to see. Back in the studio, I create landscapes from memory and imagination. Memory captures the magic; imagination fits  composition to the page.

My art has been described as an


“…exterior view of the world informed, even transformed by an interior vision, or mental landscape that reflects but does not mirror the natural world.  His images are composites of memory and imagination:  qualities of light, configured clouds, the bend and gesture of trees in the wind.  Informed by a deep immersion in—and dialogue with—the history of art, archetypes, and poetry, his meticulous drawings are full of expressive, even exuberant symbolism.  His work forces us to lean in, to scrutinize, and then to back off again in appreciation of its exacting detail and composition. Long an admirer and collector of fine Chinese brush painting, Ken Procter’s affinity for eastern sensibilities—controlled spontaneity and creativity within a tradition—influences his meticulous yet passionate style.”


With an M.F.A. in Studio Art from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, I served twenty-six years at the University of Montevallo in Alabama, and ten years as professor of art and dean of arts and sciences at Georgia College, in Milledgeville, Georgia. I am now retired from academia.


Drawings and paintings have appeared in dozens of juried, group and solo exhibitions, and are included in the  Montgomery Museum of Fine Art, the Huntsville Museum of Art, corporate, university, and private collections. I contributed to American Artist, Drawing , and most recently, Artists Magazine.  My work is represented by Alan Avery Art Company in Atlanta. 

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